Kiss me, I’m Vaxxed!

I just finished another run of Vaccination Pins!

Vaccination Pins

I adjusted some colours and designs and came up with a few new ones!

Send me a message if you are interested!

Vax on Good Buddy

I didn’t get a sticker when I got vaccinated. And I love stickers. It was a rough moment for me. I decided, I will make stickers for myself and those who didn’t get one. Someone then suggested, pins! They last longer. So I made some pins!

Vax on Good Buddy

I am selling them for $1/pin. Get them on the people price!

Vaccine Machine

If you are interested or have an idea! Leave a comment!

Vaxxed for the Arts

Macaroni in Oil Pastel

adventures in oil pastel and video making. For the moment here is a link to a little thing I just did…

macaroni in oil pastel

music is by the bushtits. Enjoy.